Who are the Creators?

Jeff Holmes

Jeff is a mountain man, living in the seclusion of the Appalachian Mountains.  He lives off the land, hunting and fishing for his food.  He also sells pottery to the tourists.

Jeff enjoys morning baths in the cold mountain streams, swinging from trees, and pottery.

You can contact Jeff via carrier pigeon, and you can follow him via his smoke signals which he usually posts on Thursdays around noon.

Tim Holmes

Tim lives in Virginia Beach, VA.  He is a part time blogger and web developer, and a full time stay-at-home dad.  His likes include fooseball, summers, and spending time with his family on the beach.

You can contact Tim:

  • Email:  Tim@getonground dot com  (spelled out to limit spam bots)
  • Twitter:  @thetimholmes


What Does it Mean?

The origins of “Get on Ground” are muddied amongst deep irony and rampant sarcasm.  As best as we can tell, it all began years and years ago as a means by which Jeff, and a good friend of his, would hurl terrible insults and declarations at one another.  Over the years it grew to become more of a greeting, as well as a vehicle for all sorts of ‘inside’ jokes.  Today, we choose the phrase for our name and slogan out of its sheer versatility.  It can be a warning, a demand, a declaration of supremacy, and so much more.  In the end, we just think it is fun (and funny), and that is what this site is all about.  Thank you for visiting; we hope you will stay a while and join in the fun.