Featuring the GoG: Movies Project

Welcome to our feature project, GoG: Movies.

How it works:  Jeff and Tim decide upon movies they want to rate, and eventually watch them.  Each submitted movie is poked and prodded for its credentials and merits, and a review is eventually given by both Tim and Jeff.  After both ratings are submitted, an average score will be computed, producing an official GoG: Movies Rating™.  This rating will be recorded for austerity on the GoG: Movies Page (link upcoming, or don’t be lazy and click on the link on the Nav menu).

The most recent movie submissions will appear at the top of this thread  for ease of reading and to make it easier to keep up to date.

If you would like to comment on our movie selections, ratings, or suggest a movie for the Holmes Brothers to critique, please join the Movies-Comments Thread by making a comment below or on the GoG: Movies Page.