Spring, Glorious Spring


The weather is just now getting nice and warm; short-sleeve shirts, shorts, flip-flops: check, check, and check. I know it has been nice in many other places about the country but I live in Virginia Beach, and this is my story. Right now, as I type this, all the windows are open and there is a lovely breeze blowing by. My neighbor’s gigantic oak tree has spread a thick layer of neon yellow pollen over my house, yard and cars. (I hate that tree.)

The downside to all of this is that I have an increasingly harder time staying in front of the computer long enough to get much done. The rest of the GoG team is experiencing, more or less, similar challenges. That doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing new content, it just means we’re working on a steep learning curve on how to deal with increasing distractions. I thought I’d start the ball rolling with a blog update. Jeff’s been pretty consistent with his smoke signals on Thursday. Our Sports column had been put on hold due to a hand full of scheduling and logistics problems, but I hope to get it back up and rolling very soon. Our movies segment should be back up to a weekly status very soon.

There are also a couple of other project we are working on solidifying that I am super excited about. If you have any ideas or suggestions of what you’d like to see Jeff and or me do, drop us a line or comment below and let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading and continuing to share our site with your friends.


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