Sometimes Weather Sucks

Well…my flight lessons have been put on hold for a bit.  I haven’t flown in three weeks.  :0(  My Flight Trainer has a ‘normal’ job flying for the Cleveland Clinic.  He works one week on and one week off.  I scheduled flight time for two days during his week off, however the weather didn’t cooperate and both lessons had to be cancelled. 

I’ve scheduled flights for Friday and Saturday this week.  I’m crossing my fingers for the weather to hold.  Right now Friday doesn’t look too good, but this is Cleveland and the weather report has been changing daily.  If Saturday works out I’ll be taking my Sister up with me.  Very excited about that!

Oh yeah!  Another piece of flight news is that I start my 13 weeks of Ground School today.  This is taken in a classroom setting two hours per week.  I figure the weather can’t get me there.  =0)



Dan Zirkle, a close  friend of GoG, is embarking on an exciting endeavor to earn his pilot’s license.  We can think of few more awesome challenges, and even fewer accomplishments, of which,  we would be more jealous.  We are excited and honored to host Dan’s blog about his adventures in flight.  If you are interested in Dan’s adventures and would like to offer words of encouragement, please leave a comment below.