Putting up w/ Community Politics

I manage my local Civic League’s web site.  The following is a comment from a community member, along with my humble response.  Did I do a good job?

justbeverly said:

Apr 20, 11 at 6:13 pmThis is the second community yard sale I knew nothing about. I grew up in the neighborhood and bought a home in the neighborhood a year ago. I had thought about joining the civic league, but I’m not real impressed about the way they keep the community advised on what is going on. Had you have sent out flyers a month prior to the garage sales you might have gotten more participation.



Dear justbeverly,

I am very sorry you were not aware of our planned community yard sale.  We try very hard to make our neighbors aware of what we have planned by passing out newsletters, (as you mentioned) flyers, and billboards along the fence line of Bayside Rd.  And, as you have pointed out, this is not always adequate.
A very small segment of our community oversees the business of our neighborhood and the management of our Civic League’s schedule and events.  In fact, our board is short one executive member, and a few of our members hold multiple positions.  We are in a position where we desperately need the help of our friends and neighbors to maintain the schedule of events our Civic League has provided for years.
We are proud to live in such a well established community, with our friends, our service members, and our veterans, and we are happy that you’ve returned to the neighborhood.  We need new Civic League members.  We need strong voices from the community.  We need the help and support of our neighbors to ensure that the Diamond Springs Gardenwood Park Civic League remains and thrives for the betterment of our community, our families, our children and their future.
I humbly invite you, your friends and family, and anyone else that is passionate about our neighborhood to join the DSGP Civic League.  And not just pay their dues, but participate, and attend our meetings.  We hold monthly meetings on the second  Tuesday of every month.  That is when decisions are made, and that is when we need your help the most.
I appreciate your comments and welcome feedback.
Tim Holmes
DSGP Building Manager