Owner of getonground killed.


Tim holmes dies in freak accident. Imaginary sale of site enrages fellow bloggers and he is beat to death by spatulas

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  1. HolmesBros:

    If you weren’t around on April 1st, here is the source of this calamity: http://getonground.com/?p=868

  2. Chelle:

    Bub- GET ON GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For faux-killing my husband with kitchen utensils!!!

  3. Danny:

    I hope no spatulas were damaged!

  4. Jeff Holmes:

    *Edit: Let it be known that no actual spatulas or other kitchen utensils were harmed in the “faux-killing” of said owner. We here at getonground take our cooking utensils very seriously and continue to support the K.U.O.A. (Kitchen Utensil Organization of America).

    Spatula Responsibly!

  5. linda:

    Jeff ……………… check your phone …………….. Monty Python is calling!

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