GoG: Sports w/ Bub

Hello sports fans!!

Its been awhile but im back. Tody I want to get everyones opinion on college athletes turning Pro early and the rules the NCAA have in place.

In case not everyone knows the rules ill explain them. NCAA basketball has a one year requirement on athletes, making them complete at least one year of college before they can turn pro, and NCAA football has a two year requirement. My first question is why are there different rules for each sport??

The NCAA has them in place, so they say to protect the athletes and make sure they are ready for the next level. Why make basketball players go one year?? MONEY!!!!!! Money, thats the key for  this rule in my opinion!!

How much money did college lose by not being able to sell tickets to a Lebron James or Kobe Bryant basketball game??  Answer to that question ALOT!!!!!!!

Bill Walker who is currently in the NBA with the Knicks averaging a mere 4.9 points a game is a player crushed by this rule. This is an exerpt written on walker by draft express during walker’s senior year of High School:

Bill Walker
6’6; 220 lbs; WG/WF; 2007
D1 Greyhounds AAU
Cincinnati North College Hill HS (OH) 

In all of my years of watching high school basketball, I have NEVER seen a player as electrifying as Bill Walker. He has the ability to just totally change a game with his amazing leaping ability. Anything that is within 10 feet of the rim at the level he plays at will automatically be dunked, and I am not exaggerating at all. It is safe to say that if Bill is able to get into the painted area, someone will be getting dunked on or he will be getting to the foul line. The powerful wing has the ability to take smaller defenders down to the blocks and post them with ease, or he can take bigger, slower defenders out to the perimeter and blow by them with his outstanding quickness.

From DraftExpress.com http://www.draftexpress.com/article/O.J.-Mayo-and-Bill-Walker-High-School-Phenoms–Part-II–1069/#ixzz1KAPtLWtB

Bill Walker tore his ACL just four games into his freshman season at Kansas State University and look where he is now.

I agree with players getting an education if they want one, But why do we force them to go to college for one year and let them go after that. Is one year of education benefiting them at all?? If an athlete knows he is going pro after one year how much attention do they pay in class, and what classes do they take while they are there?  Why do colleges risk the futures of these athletic specimens?? To sell tickets!!!! No way does this benefit a player who cares nothing about college.

In the years of the NBA there has only been 42 players to jump college. That’s a very small amount of players. Thes players include Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Daryl Dawkins, Andrew Bynum and Shawn Kemp. Did not going to college hurt any of these guys? Know dont get me wrong not every player that comes out of high school is a great player but would one year of college made a difference for these guys. in my opinion NO!!! If they were dumb enough to declare for the NBA and know they werent good enough to make it then they wouldn’t have done very well in class now would they!!!