GetOnGround Purchased By Google!

In a surprising twist for the creators of GetOnGround, Co-Owner and Senior Editor, Jeff Holmes was contacted yesterday by a representative of the acquisitions arm of the internet search company, Google.  The internet giant has offered to purchace the relatively new entertainment blog .  Complete details of the purchase are still confidential pending completion of the transaction.  A spokesperson for Google, Boyd Ruben, provided a statement for our story: “The purchase of getonground,com represents a portion of a larger move on the part of Google’s branding and large-scale discussions division.  Our goal is to find and integrate innovative and exciting new movements in today’s internet social structure.  Such sites as getonground, represent a new wave of social interaction and sharing of news and information outside of traditional markets. ”

It has yet to be determined whether the GetOnGround site and logo will remain after the acquisition, nor whether the creators or writers will move on to work with Google on the project.  Stay tuned to this post ,as we will be keeping you posted on all news about this deal as soon as they are made public.

If you would like to learn more about Google’s new acquisition drive, they have provided the following link for those interested: