Thursday’s Signal


Someone please explain to me why every major (and many not so major)  websites have all decided to post videos on every single topic they can, rather than just write an article? This is driving me insane!

First off, I don’t want to spend a good portion of my day waiting for video to load or watching the lead-in advertisement. I get plenty of that through out my day. These sites have more than enough space designated for ads to create revenue, let alone the millions of popups we all try to avoid at all costs.

Secondly, while I spend the majority of my day “wired in” and generally with a very good high speed connection, it still takes far too long to listen to someone yucking it up while all I want is a quick update on whetever I might be interested in at the moment. I get my fill of bad jokes by the coffee maker, I don’t need them with my worldly events.

Lastly, (haha I hate that word) why junk up your website and server with more irrelevent garbage than you have to?  I don’t care if you have more terabytes than Google and better processing power than AMD, at the end of the day it’s all rubbish. I could explain the theory of relativity  in a smoke signal faster than I can get the final score of a major hockey game (which is usually like 1-0). Give me the information I want, when I want it, and as quickly as you can so that I can get back to my pottery wheel.

If you want to watch a video I suggest your television or YOUTUBE.