Thank You Washington

As a new website, increasing the volume of traffic to getonground has been a pretty slow process.  As we hit milestones, meet goals, and realize achievements we want to let you know about them and offer credit where credit is due.  That brings us to the State of Washington.  While the number of our viewers is still relatively small (but believe me, it is growing ), those visitors are scattered about different parts of the country.  The most obvious trend we’ve found is the number of our visitors from Washington remain the highest on a consistent basis, as well as does the number of new visitors to our site from Washington.

With that said, we here at getonground want to thank all of you from the great state of Washington for your support and your continued interest in what we are doing.  If you are one of our Washington friends, give us a shout out in the comments below; we’d love to recognize you individually!

As for you other states out there, If you’d like to see your state flashing across our features, step it up.  Tell your friends to join in the fun.  Write to us, share your thoughts via comments.  (I’m looking at you, Ohio!)