Open Invitation

A close friend of GoG, Dan Zirkle is about to embark on an exciting endeavor to learn the ways of the sky, and earn his right to the title of ‘pilot’.  We at believe that this will be an amazing adventure, and want to openly wish Dan the best of luck.  We can think of few more awesome challenges to attempt, and even fewer accomplishments, of which,  we would be more jealous.  So, from everyone involved with this site: “Dan, Get on Ground!  But very carefully, and on a long runway!”


Tim here, Dan.  We spoke briefly about you creating a blog exploring your experiences as you work towards your pilots license.  Jeff and I believe that such a journal would be a perfect addition to the GoG Featured Articles.  I was almost giddy with the idea when we first talked about it, but I wanted to discuss it with Jeff before making an offer.  As the title of this post implies, we hereby offer you an open invitation to include yourself in the GoG family.  This invite includes the flight instruction, as well as other topics you may be interested in.

No pressure, and If you aren’t interested in participation at this time, you are always welcome to join in the fun in the future, and we will happily promote your blog, wherever it may be.



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