GoG: Sports with Bub


My Saturday edition story today is a very tragic one! Wes Leonard a high school basketball player in Fennville, Mich died Thursday evening.  Leonard was 16 years old and captain of the football team and basketball team at Fennville High.

Fenville High played their last regular season game Thursday night looking to complete and undefeated season. It was a great game! It was sent to overtime and in overtime with less than thirty seconds left Leonard hit what would end up being the winning shot to complete the perfect season! Moments after the game was over during the celebration of the victory Leonard collapsed! He was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounce dead.

Leonard died of cardiac arrest from an enlarged heat!!  My thoughs go oout to his family and friends!

I don’t understand why all these athletes are dieing at such a young age. It is getting to be way to common any more. How do athletes not know they have a medical condition. Every team is required to give players a physical before the start of a high school season. How can a child who has been through physicals every year of his life since he started playing not know he has an enlarged heart and know the risks involved.  If the risks were bad enough to cause death how could the doctor’s let him play.

I think physicals should be more extensive and should reflect whether or not a child plays no exceptions. There are waivers that parents can sign currently but I don’t see why those even exist.

Eddie Barnett of Madison High School in Portland died in 2005 in a game but he had a waiver signed that said he had a heart condition.

Jarrett Brenner, 18, of Grand Rapids died in 2005 no medicl condition listed on his physical.

Michael Halpin, 17, of Los Gatos (Calif.) died in 2008 no medical condition listed on his physical.

Does anyone else see a trend here. These are minors doctors and high schools need to take better care of them!!!!! Is a child’s life worth a winning season?