GoG: Sports w/ Bub

Today I’m gonna tee off on the NFL and the lockout. I hope to get a lot of reaction on this one. Football is my favorite  sport of all. I have loved the NFL for as long as I can remember, but my love for the NFL is dwindling!

According to Plunkett Research ltd. the NFL’s revenue for 2010 was 7.8 Billion dollars. Thats just crazy! The NFL wants to cancel the season because they can’t agree with the players on how to divide this up. The owners have stockpiled money to carry them through the 2011 season without worry, but what about the  personell?  Im not talking about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning type salaries, im talking about the practice squad guy who takes a beating, the ball boys, and janitors at the stadiums.  These people now have no jobs and no income. What are they supposed to do when there is no paycheck? The NFL owners are squabbling over billions when the janitors that depend on their $8 an hour have to suffer. I’m sure at no time in the negotiations did anyone mention the workers that keep the multi billion dollar stadiums up and running.

The NFL players association is trying to convince players to boycott the draft. Some of these kids left college early because they thought they were gonna make some money. What are they supposed to do if there is no draft or NFL season? Most of these kids didnt graduate and have no real skills other than football because they have had teams telling them since they were in high school that they were gonna make the pros! McDonalds is about to be overrun with finely tuned athletic talent.

As bad as I hate to say it when NFL returns ill probably be as avid of a watcher as I always have been. But deep down I wish we would all go on a fan lockout! What would the owners think when they showed up for opening day and there was nobody in the seats!!! I bet they would think twice about locking out ever again!