GoG: Sports w/ Bub

Did anybody watch the Big East tournament yesterday? Rutgers got absolutely robbed.  Rutgers was down 2 points and tried to inbound the ball. The ball was tipped around and Justin Brownlee gained possession but then traveled, stepped out of bounds, and threw the ball in the stands when there was clearly 1.7 seconds left on the clock. The three Big East officials did not blow the whistle and headed to the locker room before the coaches could say anything to them.

Ridiculous!!!! These refs should be fined and kept out of officiating the rest of the year. Take them out of the tournament and see how they like getting screwed out of what they love to do. That’s what they did to Rutgers. Jim Burr, one of the officials has been called out numerous times throughout the year for missing calls regularly. Why does nothing happen about all these missed calls. I know if I go to work and constantly make mistakes at my job im probably gonna get fired, but not this guy. He gets rewarded and is ask to officiate major tournaments.

The play was not reviewable because no official blew the whistle. What is the point of a review system that you can’t use to make an officials wrong doing right. NCAA basketball needs to take a hard look at this policy and a hard look at the games and missed calls from these officials.

Hats off to Rutgers coach Mike Rice. He didnt blame the officials in the news conference. He praised his players.