GoG: Sports w/ Bub

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As for today’s story,  recently there has been some crying in sports. The Miami Heat lost their fourth straight game and there were some tears in the postgame interviews of a regular season game.

I don’t think there is any place in professional sports for crying after a regular season game. If you win a championship or lose a championship, win MVP of the league or some other major event okay i can see the reason for such high emotions.

After a regular season game…NO WAY!!! These are professional players that get paid to do this on an everyday basis. MAN UP!  You should be used to losing some games here and there. Why cry now?? Wade, Lebron and Bosh have all played on teams that didnt reach the playoffs and never cried about it so why cry now??? Another publicity stunt to get people to follow them and hope they get the sympathy vote for MVP maybe?