GoG: Sports Friday Feature with Bub

Good Friday morning.

The CHicago Cubs were involved in a physical confrontation Wednesday during a game against the  Milwaukee Brewers. Fortunately for the brewers the altercation occured in the Cub’s dugout. Pitcher Carlos Silva and 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez had to be separated by teammates and coaching staff. Silva gave up two early home runs and Ramirez commited one of the three errors that the Cubs had committed in the game. The Cubs have committed 14 errors in for games of spring training so far.

This is the second time in two years that Cubs players have decided to fight each other in the dugout. Last season pitcher Carlos Zambrano and cather Michael Barrett got into a fight in the dugout in between innings.

I understand that tempers flare and players get upset with each other, but for a team to allow fights in the dugout is ridiculous. The Cubs mangers or owners or someone needs to step in and handle this. Dugout fights for the Cubs is now a trend. Someone needs to hand down a punishment that will let players know that this is not something that will be tolerated. Zambrano and Barrett were fined but neither player was suspended. Garbage!  This goes hand and hand with the story I wrote yesterday. Hold your players accountable for their actions. This is even worse than the college system because these guys are getting paid! I guarantee that if you suspend one player for the season for doing this no other player will think of doing it.

Come on disipline these players!!!!!