GoG: Movies Week 4 The Chase

The Chase (1994) PG-13

Each week, we view a movie we either haven’t seen before or one we are interested in watching again for the sake of making a review.  We watch the movie independently and write our personal reviews.  We then combine those reviews for your viewing pleasure.  The average of our two ratings is calculated and becomes the official GoG: Movies Rating™.  We welcome and look forward to your comments and arguments both for and against the movies we review.

Tim’s Review:

“Rule #1:  You don’t burn the guy with the gun.”

This week, in order to ensure we are ‘Winning’, we decided we needed to review a Charlie Sheen movie.  The hard part was deciding which one!  We didn’t want to do some of the more obvious ones like Hot Shots and we didn’t want to do something too serious like Platoon.  So, we finally settled upon this gem, all the way from back in 1994.  I was pleased to have my wife join me in this viewing, and you can thank her for the resulting review you’re about to read.  Barely five minutes into the movie, we were already rolling our eyes and giving each other sideways, knowing looks.  My wife said to me, “You’re gonna have to write this <expletive> down.”  So, without further ado, I give to you my notes from viewing The Chase.

Opening graphics – cheesy

Is that a VW Rabbit, convertible?  Yes it is.

What does the H.S. on his hat stand for? (edit: Possibly, ‘His Sheen-ness’?)

Butterfinger Gun for the win!

“Rule #1: You don’t burn the guy with the gun.”

Highway volume of traffic in a residential area.

Holy puke, Batman!

Terrible, terrible film director guy in back seat of the squad car.

PMS – Medical Truck – Drops bunch of cadavers all over the road… /sigh  ”Now that’s disgusting.”

“Rule #2: No Screaming.”

“If she were perfectly safe, she’d be locked up at home like she should be!”

“Your voice is shooting through my brain like nails.”

Is that… Flea?  <checks IMDB>  It is Flea, omg!

YAM Wagon!  (edit: I don’t remember what that was all about, but I apparently thought it was pretty funny last night. -Tim)

Don’t Panic.

!!Platoon quoting clown, post credits!! LOL

There you have it folks, everything you need to know about this film.  The movie is mostly silly, like many of Sheen’s other works.  A few of the actors were just bad (yes, I’m talking about the film director guy).  While the movie was mostly poor, it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t stand to watch it.  I mean hey, they managed to sneak in a sex scene, in a car, on the highway, during a high-speed police chase and still managed to keep the PG-13 rating.  At least it has that going for it.  Finally, I have no immediate plans to watch this movie again.  On the other hand, I could probably manage to watch it again without hurting someone, so I’ll be generous and give it 2 stars.

Tim's Rating ★★☆☆☆ 


Jeff’s Review:

Well, I have s(h)een this movie before, at least a time or two. Most likely in the mid-90′s which means it’s been a long while. It’s one of those movies that the acting and story line are so poor that 15 years later you know exactly what is going to happen in the next scene. ugh.
With that said, I’ll say that just the “special scene”  with Kristy Swanson in the car is worth 2 stars. Though this being a Charlie “Masheen” Sheen  movie week, i’m going to add another half a point solely for the fact that he sings the Village People hit “Macho Man” in the flick.

Jeff's Rating ★★½☆☆ 


GoG Movies Rating ★★¼☆☆