GoG: Jeff’s Weekly Signals

Jeff here. First off, I would like to thank everyone who has visited our site and hope that you take part and keep coming back. As you know, we’ve just recently started GetonGround and are getting some awesome guests! Old and new friends from multiple countries!  We even just got a comment from Professional Blogger, Ed Boggess, of “http://bird33.blogspot.com/“! Also, Much thanks to all the time put in by co-admin, Tim, and our Fantastic sports blogger, Bub!!

For those that don’t know me, a quick introduction. Both my personal and professional life are mostly techy/geeky. I spend nearly all of my time on a computer. I fall asleep reading .html and wake up to more e-mail’s than I wish to admit. I love crunching numbers, troubleshooting, running multiple websites, and of course, blogging.

With that said, welcome to GetonGround’s weekly smoke signal (check out our “about” section for an explanation on that one). Where each week I will come out of my seclusion of the mountains, step away from the pottery wheel, and throw out some of the randomness that i’m known for.  Check back each  Thursday for posts on everything from current events, personal interests, website updates, and just some funny stuff.