First Flight!

First Flight


I didn’t know what to expect with the first lesson.  Now technically the flight that I had doesn’t count as a lesson toward a license.  It’s called a Discovery Flight and is something that is usually given in Ground School, but Ground School doesn’t start for another month, so they let me take the flight ahead of time.

The Discover Flight begins with a pre-flight check of the outside of the plane.  First we checked the fuselage to make sure that there wasn’t any damage.  Next we made sure all the movable parts on the wings (the aelerons, flaps, rudder, etc) could move freely.  Then we checked the gas level, oil level, etc.  He showed me how to make sure that the proper type of gas was used and how to remove water from the fuel lines if there happened to be any.

Then we moved inside and started going down the checklist.  We made sure that the instruments were reading correctly (altimeter, airspeed indicator, etc).  We then turned the engine on and did a few checks to make sure it was working properly.  After a quick check of the breaks we started moving down the runway.  To my surprise, I was told that that the left peddle moved the plane left and the right peddle moved it right, and then the instructor removed his feet from the peddles and told me to keep the plane even on the runway by following a yellow stripe.  Well, let me tell you, they must have been laughing in the control room as my plane meandered from side to side.  I had to look like I was drunk.  I finally taxied us up to the runway.  At this point the instructor took control of the plane and after another quick check list, he shot us down the runway and into the sky.

The takeoff was a bit bumpy, but once we hit about 1500 feet and leveled out, the side wind wasn’t  too bad.  At that point he turned control of the yoke over to me.  He had me fly straight lines, staying true to a proper course.  He then had me do 90 degree turns to the left and right, next it was 180 degree turns.

We then trained on decending and assendingl  Usually it was goals of 1k to 1.5k in either direction.  After about 1 hour 15 minutes in the air it was time for us to land.


I find it amazing how much instruction I was given in such a short amount of time, from the plane parts, to the instruments, to the actual flying.  Boy oh Boy am I having fun!  I’m going to have to talk to the flight school and see if they can fit me in for 2 real Flights next week.


Dan Zirkle, a close  friend of GoG, is embarking on an exciting endeavor to earn his pilot’s license.  We can think of few more awesome challenges, and even fewer accomplishments, of which,  we would be more jealous.  We are excited and honored to host Dan’s blog about his adventures in flight.