GoG: Sports w/ Bub

Today im gonna talk about Tiki Barber!!  Tiki what are you thinking????

Tiki Barber filed papers yesterday to come out of retirement. Barber has not played since the 2006 season and is 36 years old!! Tiki has spent the last few years in broadcasting with NBC. 

 In his last season Tiki Barber finished 4th in the nfl in yards with 1662, he finished 7th in rushing attempts with 327, but he finished 29th in the league in rushing TDs with 5.  Good number i agree but these numbers came when Barber was in great shape. He played every year before the 2006 season, he attended off season workouts, and preason conditioning.

What kind of shape could Barber possibly be in? Hes been broadcasting for the past few years. He doesnt look to be in that bad of shape, but he is 36. How durable is he gonna be and is anyone gonna take a chance on him? Should anyone take a chance on him.

Tiki I say you should stay retired. You are too old for this, you cant be physically ready and what do you have to prove? I know your brother is still playing, but he is not a running back though. Do you need the money is the only question I have, because that is the only reason I think you should even be thinking about putting you future on the line. How much money do you think you are gonna make?  Don’t destroy what you are. Dont follow in Brett Favre’s footsteps. I mean look what happened to him last season.

Leave you pads in the locker and keep you butt in the broadcasting chair. Lastly do your family a favor and stay healthy. The defensive players are bigger and faster than ever. You are older and out of shape. Id hate for the last thing anyone says about you is WOW did you see the hit that ended Tiki Barber’s career and future.